Jan 19, 2012

Review Requests and Beta Reading

Although I constantly have a list of 5 - 10 books to read at a time, I would love to accept and review books for any author. I will be fair and honest in my reviews, I don't get paid to review so honesty is all you can expect from me. I will try to be timely with my review, I do have list of books to read but if you trust me to give a review for your book then I will make every effort to move you to the front of my list. I will also post my review to sites like goodreads.com, amazon.com, etc. If you would like my services or if you would like to talk about anything at all, fill free to e-mail me. E-mail me at jeremiah.dreier@yahoo.com for my information.

I am also willing to take review requests. If you would like me to review a specific book please email me at jeremiah.dreier@yahoo.com as well.

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