Jan 17, 2012

Ghost Story: The Dresden Files #13 Review

This book didn't live up to the expectations I have of Jim Butcher and The Dresden Files. It feels like Jim was under pressure to write a book and he struggled. It started really slow and continued that way for a good portion of the book, and it wasn't until the last 25% of the book that it got good....

This book made me feel as if Jim has run out of idea for Harry and was staling for time by A) writing a book that "kills off" the main character, and B) Introduces us to a Chicago that has changed drastically since Harry's death without really having to show those major changes happening. Unless he has a master plan for why all of the changes had to take place, then I can't see why he made them.

Final Thoughts:

The end of the book gives me hope for the series. I love Jim Butcher and his books, and I would hate to see this one fall into oblivion when there is still alot of life left in Harry (see what I did there). I will finish with this.... This felt more like one of Jim Butcher's short stories that he then expanded into a full blown novel

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