Jan 20, 2012

Amount of Females > Than the Amount of Males.

Am I the only one that has noticed more females than males in the book world? I swear if I run into one other male that reads books as much as I do then I will truly freak out, but I meet 9 females every hour that read as much as me?!?

I just don't get it. Do males hate to read? Am I doomed to be a lone male reader in a female readers world? (Not that I am complaining or anything)

I am a member of goodreads.com and on that website the top rated books are all Young Adult books with a female leads and female authors. What?!? So I did a little research and I figured out that the ratio of females to male on that website is 4 to 1. (I made that up completely) I also realized that the men who do read are less likely to post reviews and rate the books.

Okay I don't know where I am going with this post.... I am just ranting (slightly). Leave your thought in the comments...

For my next "random" post I will explain why I dislike YA books with female leads by female authors. (Not a bad reason like you think)


  1. That is how I felt for years that the females read books and I was the only guy who read and over my 48 years not counting me I only know personally 4 other guys who will admit that they read this is sad

  2. I know some male readers, but that's probably because a) My family is really a family of readers and my father is a teacher and b) I'm studying English at university and and as English students of course my fellow (male) students are interested in English literature aswell. Nevertheless I've never met a male reader who write reviews in real life before - maybe it's more a female thing to present their "achievements" in reading and communicate online? I'm not sure about that though...

  3. lol
    i'm a book a holic
    and 1000% male
    love reading and sharing my ramblins
    and girls who read are HOt

    new folower